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Why Party Bag World Started

In 2011, both Jason and I were working in very different industries to Party Bags! Jason worked in the construction industry, and I (Kerry) ran a small transcription agency which I set up after the birth of our eldest son in 2003.

Jason’s job involved long stressful hours, working away and the phone continuously ringing with problems, even when we were on holiday. We were like ships in the night and Jason didn’t get to see enough of the children (our youngest son had arrived in 2006). We started thinking about how we could change that and work together.

We decided we wanted our new business to be completely different to anything we had done before so it would be new to both of us. Inspiration struck after we organised a birthday party for one of our sons.

I found organising a birthday party quite stressful – where to hold the party, how keep the costs down, who to invite (the thought of causing any offence or hurting a child’s feelings was paralising!) and waiting for RSVPs to book numbers. One of the things I couldn’t avoid was party bags, it seemed gone were the days of handing out a piece of birthday cake and waving the little guests off on their merry way so mum could collapse with a glass of wine or dad with a beer!

Living in semi-rural Essex, browsing and buying the loot bags and party bag fillers was a bit of a mission. Buying individual items was expensive, and buying a pack of 8 when we only need 1 would lead to waste; plus, the variety wasn’t that great. It would have been so handy if this was a simpler task – and that’s when we realised this could be our opportunity for a new business!

Getting Party Bag World Started

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